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Things to Do in the Winter, Both Inside and Outside

Posted by Nick on Nov 25, 2015 9:00:00 AM

things to do in the winter

Understandably, not everyone is a fan of the bone-chilling winter weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun a bit of fun during the year’s coldest season. There are plenty of activities, both indoors and outdoors that you just can’t do during the warm months. To keep yourself occupied as the days grow shorter and the weather grows colder, check out this list of things to do in the winter.

Things to Do in the Winter (Inside)


Seriously, who doesn’t love food? If the weather is too frigid for you to go outdoors, try out some new recipes to cook. The aromas of soul-warming soups and festive holiday cookies blend perfectly with the warmth of a fire. That’s something you just can’t replicate during the summertime.


Museums are both educational and fun for the whole family. Around Long Island, there are tons of museums where you can brush up on your knowledge of things ranging from local culture and history to aeronautics and art. Not to mention, New York City, one of the largest cultural capitals of the world, is just a short ride to the west.

things to do in the winter


There’s always something new and interesting coming to theaters near you. You may think a trip to the movies is boring, but what else is there to do on a freezing, snowy day if you’re not a cold weather fan? There are still plenty of great movies that have yet to come out this year, including the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter Fishing

One of the most commonly overlooked things to do in the winter on Long Island is winter fishing. The Captain Lou Fleet and SuperHawk both offer charters throughout the winter season. Even though striped bass are unfortunately not common catches during the winter, these charters will grant you the opportunity to catch bluefish, weakfish, Atlantic cod, haddock and mackerel.

Fun in the Snow

As a taxi company, we enjoy clear roadways more than anyone, so we understand why snow is so frustrating to some people. However, complaining about snow won’t make it melt! So, when snow does fall, it’s important to enjoy it. Go sledding, have snowball fights and build snowmen with your family to savor the fluffy, frozen water before it melts!

things to do in the winter

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a classic winter activity. Whether indoor or outdoor, Long Island is full of ice skating rinks. Fans of outdoor ice skating should check out the scenic Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn, which was voted the best outdoor rink on Long Island by News 12 viewers. Indoor skaters should take a ride to Bellmore’s Newbridge Ice Arena, which has been around since 1968 and is complete with a snack bar and pro shop to cater to all of your skating needs.

Hopefully this list of things to do in the winter will help you overcome the cold weather. If you need a ride to participate in any of your favorite winter activities, give your local All Island office a call or make a reservation online. Stay warm!

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