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This Year's Thanksgiving Eve on Long Island

Posted by Devin on Nov 21, 2014 12:08:00 PM

Thanksgiving Eve on Long Island

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! Which means it’s time to brace yourself and get ready for the only two days out of the year where over-indulgence is completely acceptable (we wish it could be longer). While some areas around the country may only get to indulge on turkey on Thanksgiving, Long Island has options for everyone. Whether you want to get go out for Thanksgiving dinner or if you want to test your alcohol tolerance with your friends on Thanksgiving Eve, Long Island has what you’re looking for. Here are our top 3 favorite places to go for Thanksgiving Eve on Long Island.

Thanksgiving Eve on Long Island – Where to Go

1. Bistro 72

Located in Riverhead on the North Shore of Long Island, Bistro 72 is a casual and elegant lounge that will be a hotspot for those Thanksgiving Eve couples looking for a romantic pre-holiday getaway. With live music from Afro-Cuban band Mambo Loco we’re sure Bistro 72 will give you a unique date night that you won’t forget. Check out their website here for further information.

2. The Velvet Lounge

While we’re on the subject of classy bars the Velvet Lounge (an extension to the Curry Club restaurant in East Setauket on Long Island’s North Shore) is a great venue for event-goers that prefer a more established bar. While space is tight and the lights are dim there is just something about that old bar feel that makes drinking with your buddies that much better. For those who do plan on going, the Velvet Lounge will also feature live music from I Am Tim on the night setting the tone for what could be a truly memorable music-filled night.

3. The Nutty Irishman

With two locations (one in Bay Shore and one in Farmingdale) the Nutty Irishman is worth checking out if you want a bar without the bells and whistles that some bars have opted for. The Irishman specializes in drinks, which, we have to say, is probably what you’re looking for on Thanksgiving Eve. They have everything from your local microbrews to the Nutty Irishman specialty shot (Bailey’s Irish Cream & Frangelico). So, if you enjoy drinking, we would have to put this one at the top of the list in terms of affordable drinks.

Like we said, there are thousands of bars that you could spend the holiday at, but, these are our top three in terms of drinks, music and food. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Eve on Long Island and, as always, please don’t drink and drive. Our drivers will get you to your desired Thanksgiving Eve location swiftly and safely (and they’ll even stay with you for the night). So please don’t be afraid to call All Island Transportation to book a reservation at any of these numbers. Stay safe and have fun!

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