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Streamline Spring Cleaning with these Tips

Posted by Nick on Mar 22, 2016 4:43:27 PM

spring cleaning

When the clean, crisp smell of spring is in the air, you don’t want to let a dirty house spoil it. With these spring cleaning tips, you can give the season the same warm welcome it gives you.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Sparkly Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cleaning products are often expensive and ineffective. However, you probably already have the best stainless steel cleaners inside of your home. Believe it or not, vinegar and oil are great for cleaning stainless steel surfaces. First, use a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe the surface down with vinegar in the direction of the grain (which is either horizontal or vertical—you’ll see it if you look closely). Then, polish it with a soft cloth dipped into a bit of oil. Think of the combination as a salad dressing that makes your steel sparkle!

Microwave Steam-Clean

It can take a ton of effort to remove old food splatters from your microwave. Before scrubbing with a sponge, fill a microwave-safe bowl with a few cups of water mixed with some lemon juice and zap it for five minutes. Most food residue will have vanished, and anything that’s left will be easy to clean off.

Wash Windows Like a Pro

Freshly washed windows are often tarnished by streaks of cleaning solution. Why does this happen? Because sunlight causes them to dry too quickly. Give your windows a quick wash when it’s cloudy outside so they don’t dry immediately.

spring cleaning

Be Friendly to your Fridge

Cleaning a refrigerator can be tedious. If your fridge is fully stocked, you have to remove everything and wipe down disgusting old food residue. If you invest in some fridge liners, cleaning your refrigerator becomes much easier.

Closet Cleanup

While you’re putting away your winter coat and stocking your closet with shorts and t-shirts, take some time to set aside old clothes. Whether they no longer fit or if you just don’t want to wear them anymore, donating things you no longer need is a great thing to do.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirt and dust cling to carpets. If you have dark-colored carpets, you may not notice it, but the grime is there. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner may be a bit costly, but it takes some pressure off of you and leaves you with thoroughly cleaned carpets. If you’d rather not outsource your spring cleaning efforts, there are a number of DIY carpet cleaning methods that work just fine.

spring cleaning

Black Tea on the Bathroom Mirror

The properties of black tea make it an ideal bathroom mirror cleaner. All you have to do is brew a pot of tea, wipe down the mirror with a clean cloth and enjoy your crystal clear reflection.

Toilet Cleanser

Instead of installing one of those chemical contraptions that turns your toilet water blue, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda will clean your toilet just as well. Simply pour a cup each into the toilet and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then, before flushing, scrub with a toilet brush to make sure it’s fully clean.

Garage Sale

Over time, the average home becomes cluttered with random items that go unused. Having a garage sale is a great way to do a little spring cleaning and make a quick buck while you’re at it.

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