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Prom Safety: Free Rides Home for Prom-Goers

Posted by Nick on Jun 3, 2016 12:31:18 PM


To help local teens and drivers stay safe this prom season, All Island Transportation will be offering free rides home for local students after prom. Practicing prom safety is important, and abstinence from drunk driving is the foremost way for students to keep safe on this big day.

The Plan for Prom Safety

Dr. Alexander Axelrad of Winthrop-University Hospital, Acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, Larry Blessinger of All Island Transportation and Ollie’s Taxi, representatives of MADD, the Mineola USFD Superintendent and Mineola High School seniors have teamed up to maximize roadway safety this prom season.

Acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter stated, “The Nassau County Police Department has a zero tolerance policy for those who drive under the influence. We remind everyone that underage drinking is against the law. But we ask you not to compound that mistake by driving under the influence. Please take advantage of the free transportation offered in order to protect your life and the lives of everyone on the road. Our aim is to make the roadways safe for all drivers and our targets are those who disregard the law.”

Larry Blessinger, Vice President of All Island Transportation, said, “If participating in this campaign helps to prevent any tragedy, then we’ve done our due diligence as an instrumental partner in our community.”

Any students who find themselves in a compromised driving situation should call 516-326-9090 to set up a free ride home.

The cab companies participating in this campaign include: All Island Transportation, All Island Yellow, Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service, Glen Belle Taxi and Taxi Latino.

Tips for Staying Safe on Prom Night

Prom and graduation are among the most exciting milestones in the lives of high schoolers, and they are celebrated accordingly. But it’s important to remember that the leading cause of death for teenagers is motor vehicles accidents, and about 25 percent of those accidents involve alcohol usage. Dr. Axelrad, recommends doing the following to stay safe:

Prom safety tips for parents:

  • Limiting the number of passengers your teen will be driving to three.
  • Heavily insist upon seatbelt usage.
  • Know your teen’s plans—find out where prom is, if there will be pre- or post-prom parties and how they are traveling.
  • Keep in contact with your teen. Make sure their cell phone is charged and ask them to check in periodically throughout the night—especially when they travel to a new destination.
  • Let your teen know that you are only a phone call away and that you will pick them up at any time, any place.

Prom safety tips for teens:

  • Do not drink alcohol and drive, under any circumstance.
  • Do not let your friends drink and drive.
  • Do not leave a drink unattended. Discard it and get a new one if you have to.
  • Do not accept a beverage from someone you do not know.
  • Keep an eye on your driver throughout the night to make sure they’re not drinking.
  • Practice defensive driving and watch out for impaired drivers on the road. Impaired drivers tend to drive toward lights.
  • After a light turns green, wait a few seconds before entering an intersection.
  • Minimize distractions for whoever is driving. Keep the radio low so the driver can concentrate.
  • Do not use a cell phone behind the wheel.
  • Do not hesitate to call the number above to arrange a free, safe ride home.

Amongst all the fun that is sure to be had this prom season, do not neglect safety. In the words of Dr. Axelrad, “[prom and graduation] will mark the end of a chapter in [high schoolers’] young lives. It is my hope that this program ensures that there is a next chapter.”Subscribe to Our Newsletter to Receive Updates, Coupons and More!

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