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Prepare for Hockey with these 2015 NHL Season Predictions

Posted by Nick on Oct 13, 2015 12:11:19 PM

2015 NHL season predictions

With the opening of the NHL season, people are already wondering all sorts of things. Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup? Where will my favorite team place in their division? Of course, nobody knows for sure, but it’s still fun to throw out a few guesses. That being said, here are a few of All Island’s own 2015 NHL season predictions.

2015 NHL Season Predictions for New York’s Teams

New York Islanders

The New York Islanders finished the 2014 season with a record of 47-28-9 and a total of 101 points. Despite their great record, they still finished third in the tough Metropolitan Division. Still, all signs point to continued success for the Islanders in 2015. With few changes to their strong 2014 roster and the continued development of their promising younger players, it’s likely that the Islanders will once again finish in the top three. We’re not going to jump the gun and say that the Islanders will win the Stanley Cup in four games, but we do have some bold 2015 NHL season predictions for them. One of them is that they will play in the Eastern Conference Finals. With a strong roster and a chip on their shoulder, the Islanders certainly have what it takes to bring home a few wins early in the playoffs to make it to the finals. Another prediction is that John Tavares will win the Art Ross Trophy, which is rewarded to the player who scores the most points. The Hockey Writers point out that he was only one point behind last year’s winner, Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars. With the help of his improving teammates, he has a solid shot this year.

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers won the Metropolitan Division last season, and there’s no reason they will not win it again. They’re an all-around good team with no real weaknesses, and the team with the best chance to win the division over them is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Though critics have said that Henrik Lundqvist is getting too old, it’s likely that he’ll still play well as long as he remains healthy. Rick Nash, coming off a season in which he scored 42 goals, is predicted to be the Rangers’ leading scorer once again.

2015 NHL season predictions

More 2015 NHL Season Predictions

Not surprisingly, sports writers are split among who they think will win this year’s Stanley Cup. A few teams who pop up in the discussion often are the defending champions the Chicago Blackhawks, the Anaheim Ducks, the New York Islanders, the Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning who, according to Bleacher Report’s 2015 NHL season predictions, are the most likely to win with 10-to-1 odds. As for who will win the Hart Memorial Trophy for most valuable player, top choices are Alexander Ovechkin, Henrik Zetterberg and Corey Perry. Lyle Richardson, a featured columnist for Bleacher Report also has some bold 2015 NHL season predictions of his own. He believes that for the first time in a whopping 25 years, the Detroit Red Wings will miss the playoffs. He takes our own daring John Tavares prediction a step further, believing he’ll win the Hart Memorial Trophy this year.

With the projected success of New York’s teams, the 2015 NHL season should be a particularly exciting one. It’s never too early to grab some Islanders or Rangers tickets. Parking is a nightmare around Madison Square Garden and the Islanders’ new home rink at the Barclays Center, so whether you want a ride to the stadium or the LIRR station, All Island will get you there. Call us at a location near you or make a reservation online.

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