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Movie Theaters on Long Island

Posted by Marissa on Jan 16, 2015 3:38:00 AM

movie theaters on Long Island

Everyone always looks for something to keep them entertained on Long Island, especially in the winter time. So why not just go to a movie? You may think it’s boring and you’ve seen so many movies before, but each movie is a different experience. Plus, great movie theaters on Long Island can make your viewing experience even better. At All Island Transportation, we love movies. So, we came up with a list of some of the best movie theaters on Long Island.

Where to find Movie Theaters on Long Island

Bow Tie Herricks Cinemas

This movie theater located in New Hyde Park is perfect for anyone. You could join the Criterion Club, Bow Tie’s loyalty rewards program. For every dollar you spend you receive one point. These points lead up to free popcorn, soda and even a free movie ticket. Signing up for their newsletters will give you the opportunity to receive member-only invites and discounts to Movie & Mimosas and Insomnia Theater tickets. Or come by on Super Tuesday. All seats are only $6!


AMC Loews Theater Roosevelt Field 8

After a long day at Roosevelt Field Mall, stop by for a great movie at AMC Loews Theater Roosevelt Field 8! This Garden City theater is just what you need to see the best movies out right now. Roosevelt Field 8 has tons of amenities, too. After 4 pm you can bring your Military ID card for a great discount. Or if you need closed captioning, audio description or assisted listening devices, all are available.


Regal Deer Park Stadium 16

Regal Deer Park Stadium 16 is a great theater for a great viewing experience. They have an IMAX theater and RPX, which stands for Regal Premium Experience. RPX is an advanced version of IMAX. You can buy your tickets on your phone or at home to avoid any lines. Make sure to become part of the Regal Crown Club, which earns credit for discounts and rewards. You can even pair up your Regal Crown Club card with the Regal App for smartphones. Don’t forget to check out the concession stand, they have a wide variety of food, candy and drink choices!


Broadway Multiplex Cinemas

This is one of the most relaxing movie theaters on Long Island! Want to see a movie with the comfort of your own couch? Broadway Multiplex Cinemas of Hicksville has leather reclining seats, so you’re comfortable the whole movie. You might even be tempted to bring a blanket! Broadway Multiplex Cinemas plays a great selection of movies thanks to their multiple theaters. Once you try the reclining seats, you might not want to leave. So make sure you become a Starpass member to earn points and receive great rewards.


Island 16 Cinema de Lux

You’ll love Island 16 Cinema de Lux of Holtsville. If you are looking for dinner before or after the movie, Island 16 has it. Chatter’s Bar & Grill is a restaurant and cocktail lounge inside the theater that’s sure to make it one of the best movie theaters on Long Island. If you’re waiting for a movie, it’s the perfect place to hang out and have a few drinks without being late to the movie. And if you have extra time, they even have desserts. You’ll have everything you need in one movie theater.


So, don’t let the cold keep you indoors and force you to watch any DVD’s you might have lying around the house. Check out some of the best movie theaters on Long Island and finally get around to that movie you wanted to see. All Island Transportation can even take you there! Call us at a location nearest you or make a reservation online!

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