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All Island Transportation Takes On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Posted by Trent Warner on Oct 23, 2014 10:44:00 AM

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This summer, social media was taken by storm as videos of people from all over the world dumping buckets of ice water flooded our Facebook newsfeeds. Initially, many were confused about the tremendous influx of people performing a seemingly ridiculous stunt, but word spread quickly to explain the purpose of the videos: creating awareness and raising funds for research to cure ALS.

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also called Lou Gehrig’s disease), is a horribly debilitating neurodegenerative disorder, one that many were unfamiliar with prior to the ALS ice bucket challenge. From children and families to politicians and celebrities, it seemed as though everyone joined forces to participate in a worldwide fundraiser to help find a cure for a terrible disease that takes far too many lives every year.

After the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral on social media, The New York Times reported that from July 29 to August 21, the ALS Association received $41.8 million in donations, which is more than twice the amount it received during all of 2013 ($19.4 million).

The team at All Island Transportation didn’t want to let the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge pass us by, so we spent two months putting our plans into action to host a big event last Thursday at our Bellmore headquarters on Pettit Avenue.

Owner Larry Blessinger, along with his assistant and Director of Operations, Steve Dash, kicked off the event by having freezing cold, ice water dumped over their heads. But we didn’t just stop at dousing the guys at the top—Larry sent out a company-wide announcement to notify all drivers that any of them who volunteered to also participate would be allowed to keep all the money they made that day. He gave drivers two hours to head back to HQ (since many were out in the field when the announcement was made), and ultimately lined 12 All Island Transportation drivers up to get drenched to support the cause.




All Island Transportation is proud to have participated in such a worthy cause, and we hope that donations we’ve contributed to the ALS Foundation will help the researchers who are hard at work to find a cure.

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