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How to Have Stress-Free Holidays

Posted by Nick on Nov 18, 2015, 9:00:00 AM

stress-free holidays

With all of the planning, cooking, travelling and shopping that come with holidays, it’s all too easy to lose your cool and get overwhelmed. When you’re visibly stressed, the vibe of your holiday party quickly takes a turn for the worse. To make your life easier and relieve you of pressure, we’ve compiled a list of tips for stress-free holidays.

Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

Get Organized

When you’re planning your holiday parties and events, writing a timeline and list of the things you want to accomplish is a great way to keep organized. Prioritize the tasks that are most important. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for a little bit of help preparing. You can even enlist the help of professionals such as caterers or cleaners to alleviate some of the anxiety that will inevitably arise.

Keep Things Simple

Of course, you shouldn’t skimp out on food and décor, but preparing simple meals and setting up light decorations should still do the trick to make your holiday party a success. A room lightly furnished with basic, tasteful decorations will create a much more relaxed atmosphere than one that’s packed with overwhelming ornaments. While it may seem like a good idea to try out some fun, new holiday recipes you found online, opt for tried and true foods that everyone loves.

Take Advantage of Technology

Nowadays, we use our cell phones for just about everything, from calling our friends to paying our bills. Why not use them to help us have stress-free holidays? There are tons of smartphone apps that can make your life exponentially easier during the holiday season. Looking for coupons to save money on gifts? There’s an app for that (called Waze). Need a warning about how dismal the traffic will be as you drive to grandma’s house? There’s an app for that, too (called RetailMeNot).

stress-free holidays

Go With the Flow

Throwing a poorly planned party is a great way to stress yourself out, but so is micromanaging every detail to the point of perfection. The sad truth is, things will go wrong. The turkey might come out dry, decorations may break and the weather might be terrible. One of the greatest rules for having stress-free holidays is to understand that you can’t control everything and that you’ll just need to laugh things off sometimes.

Remember What the Holiday Season is All About

In the midst of rushing around cooking, planning and shopping, it becomes easy to lose sight of the values that make the holiday season such a great time in the first place. Take the time to talk and catch up with your family. Donate to or volunteer for any of the countless charities to do a good deed. When everything is said and done, take care of yourself. Get yourself a massage, go on vacation or lay around the house and relax all day. Remember, just smiling can actually work wonders to reduce your stress level!

With these tips to reduce pressure, we hope you’ll have your most enjoyable holidays yet. As far as transportation is concerned, All Island would love to provide rides for you and your family. Click here to reserve your pickup in advance. Happy stress-free holidays!Subscribe to Our Newsletter to Receive Updates, Coupons and More!

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