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Great Holiday Gift Certificate

Posted by Marissa on Dec 16, 2014 11:54:00 AM

Great holiday gift certificate

The holidays are just around the corner, and as it gets nearer, we all find ourselves wondering what gifts to get who. While many people opt for a traditional gift, like clothes, plenty of us look to buy our loved ones practical gifts that will actually come in handy. When you think of gifts that serve a purpose, you might think of appliances or household items, but what about something that’ll help them get around in their day-to-day activities? What about a holiday gift certificate? All Island Transportation has great holiday gift certificates.

Transportation is crucial for everyone, no matter how old you are, because we all have things to do, places to go, and people to see. However, sometimes we do not have the means of getting there. An All Island Transportation holiday gift certificate can benefit someone without a car or license or someone who just likes to go out and have fun.

If your loved ones are senior citizens, it’s likely that they may have stopped driving. Many seniors who decide to give up driving, wind up relying on friends and family to get them around. But in doing so often feel like they’ve given up some of their independence.

All Island can help seniors be mobile without them relying on anyone. For those with disabilities, we also offer wheelchair accessible taxis.

For your loved ones who usually take public transportation, give them the gift of their very own taxi ride. Save your loved ones money and time with All Island Transportation. Your loved ones could run errands, shop and head to work with a much easier mindset than relying on congested public transportation.

Everyone has those family members who enjoy a night out on the town. Give them an opportunity to enjoy it even more with a taxi ride to get them safely there and back. No matter how many drinks, it is always best to find a safe ride home.

Being able to hire a reliable company to drive your loved ones where they need to go, provides the safe transportation that people require, while allowing them to maintain their independence in going about their daily business without relying on a friend or relative.

So while you’re looking for that perfect, practical gift for someone special this holiday season, think about giving them the gift of independence. These holiday gift certificates could be just what they need.

For this holiday special, buy $50 worth of holiday gift certificates and get $5 free; buy $100 worth of holiday gift certificates and get $20 free; and buy $200 worth of holiday gift certificates and get $50 free! Denominations are available in $5, $10 and $20 only. Our holiday gift certificates are honored as cash, so there’s no need to mention the gift certificate while booking your taxi reservation; simply hand the certificate to your driver as you would normally pay with cash, and you’re all set!

In order to take advantage of our holiday gift certificates, all orders must be placed by Friday, December 19 to our corporate office at (516) 326-9090 ext. 303, or online at

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