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Fun Ideas for Grandparents' Day

Posted by Trent Warner on Sep 4, 2014 1:05:00 PM

Ideas for Grandparents Day

Grandparents’ Day is an internationally celebrated holiday in honor of grandmothers and grandfathers around the world. In the US, we celebrate National Grandparents’ Day on the Sunday after Labor Day. Other countries celebrate at different times of the year—Australia celebrates on the last Sunday of October, Taiwan celebrates on the last Sunday in August, and France celebrates on the first Sunday in March, just to name a few—but the underlying message is still the same: honor your elders. Here are some fun ideas for Grandparents' Day to celebrate with your loved ones!

There’s a great organization called The Legacy Project, which is all about connecting with others across all generations and exploring how every individual can help to change the world for the better. The hold an annual contest called the Listen to a Life Contest, which gives participants an opportunity to interview a grandparent or grandfriend about their life and experiences, and to write a 300-word story about what they learned. The interview is mutually beneficial, as seniors will often delight in sharing their experiences with younger generations, and usually appreciate having someone to listen, and the interviewer will likely gain valuable insight to help in his or her own life.

The Legacy Project believes that by recording life wisdom will help us “make the world and our future a little bit better,” which is a primary motivation for hosting the contest. Take part in this meaningful learning and social experience by interviewing your own grandparent (or having your child interview your parent) and enter the contest!

For other ways to celebrate Grandparents’ Day with your parents and grandparents, check out these local family events!

Fun Ideas for Grandparents' Day


Grandma’s Garden Walk @ The Old Westbury Gardens

Take a stroll through the Walled Garden, which is dedicated to Margarita Phipps, with your grandparents and admire all the colors and fragrances of the beautiful flowers. You can stop by the Cottage Garden for a bit, which was where the Phipps children used to play. The walk begins at 2pm at the Beech Tree on the West Terrace, and is free with admission.

The Savvy Senior Awards

Celebrate a senior who stands apart from the rest at the 5th annual Savvy Senior Awards, presented by the Associate of Generational Experts for Seniors at the Prestigious Parker Jewish Institute in New Hyde Park. The awards ceremony will recognize exceptional seniors in our community and celebrate them for their achievements. There will be entertainment, food, prizes, gifts, and awards! For more information, visit

Many of our seniors are no longer driving themselves around, which can be a frustrating limitation. If your parents or grandparents are no longer driving, give them the gift of independence this Grandparents’ Day with a gift certificate from All Island Transportation! Having the freedom to come and go as you please is a luxury that we take for granted until it’s gone, so it’s a gift that will be greatly appreciated.

As a special offer for the holiday, if you purchase a:

  • $50 gift certificate, you’ll receive $5 free
  • $75 gift certificate, you’ll receive $10 free
  • $100 gift certificate, you’ll receive $20 free

Our gift certificates are honored as cash, so there’s no need to mention it while booking your taxi reservation—all you’ll need to do is hand it over to the driver as cash and you’re set!

Please call (516) 326-9090 ext. 303 to order your Grandparents’ Day gift certificate, or order online at

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