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5 Fun Facts about Taxis that You Might Not Know

Posted by Caroline Fallon on Jun 12, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Have you ever wondered why almost all taxis are yellow? Or heard any of the stories that drivers tell about the people and events that have occurred in their cabs? For instance, when a woman delivered her baby in the back seat of a cab in New York City. Below are a few other fun facts about taxis that many may not know about these cars we see so often.  

Taxi cab sign on top of the vehicle at nighttime

Fun Facts About Taxis

Whether you rely on taxis to get you to the airport at 4 a.m. or a typical errand to the store, they are always around to pick you up. Here are five fun facts about taxis:

1. New York Taxis Use to Be Red and Green

In 1960, a regulation passed that all medallion taxis had to be painted the same color, to stop confusion on which cars were regulated. John Hertz, owner of Hertz Rental Cars, asked students from The University of Chicago to conduct a research study. He wanted to know which color stood out the most from the rest. He wanted his fleet of taxis to stand out, resulting in taxis being painted yellow all over the country.

2. There Are a Lot of NYC Taxis

In New York City alone, there are more than 50,000 taxicab drivers within the five boroughs and 13,000 licensed taxis. 

New York city yellow taxi on a busy road

3. London Cab Laws

A taxi in London must be tall enough to accommodate someone wearing a bowler hat.

4. You Can Rent out a Taxicab as Your Airbnb

Johnathan Powley bought a decommissioned 2002 Honda Odyssey taxi. He reconfigured the back seat to fit a full-sized mattress and parks it in Long Island City, Queens. He charges $39 a night for you to have breathtaking views of Manhattan's skyline.

Be prepared though, because this Airbnb doesn't come with a bathroom.

5. Taxicab Drivers Can Do a “Reverse Drunk Drop”

This is when they return a passenger back to where they picked them up if they think they are too intoxicated. They can also refuse a ride to those too intoxicated before they even enter the cab.


Taxis are a crucial way to travel to your destination and a very iconic part of New York City. It’s always interesting to learn more fun facts about taxis besides that they are just yellow. If you ever need a ride, call Ollie’s Taxi and Airport Service we’ll get you to your destination with no problem!

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