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All Island’s Favorite Freeport Restaurants for Any Occasion

Posted by Lawrence Blessinger on Oct 17, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Freeport Restaurants

When most people think of places to eat in Freeport, the fun, historic Nautical Mile is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, did you know that there are plenty of other amazing bistros in the area? While the Nautical Mile is out-of-season, try one of these other fantastic Freeport restaurants.

Freeport Restaurants: The Best of the Best

Churrasqueria Genesis

If you’re searching for some new, savory flavors, come on down to Churrasqueria Genesis. This Freeport restaurant serves Latin American dishes that are prepared daily on their one-of-a-kind Brazilian wood charcoal grill.

With another location in Hempstead, Churrasqueria Genesis has been enthralling Long Islanders with flavorful grilled meats for many years. In fact, here are some of their most popular dishes:

  • Grilled T-Bone Steak
  • Deep-Fried Red Snapper
  • Green Plantain with Fried Chicken
  • Hand-Battered Shrimp

But that’s not all! Check out Churrasqueria Genesis’ full menu to see their entire selection of Latin American eats.

Freeport Restaurants

Raimo’s of Freeport

Believe it or not, Freeport is also home to one of the top pizzerias in the entire area, Raimo’s of Freeport. This family-owned and operated restaurant has been a South Shore Long Island institution for over 30 years.

With reasonable prices and warm hospitality, this Freeport restaurant is where you can savor pastas, seafood, pizzas, and other Italian delicacies made with high-quality ingredients. When you visit, make sure to try one of these classic dishes:

  • Rigatoni Vodka
  • Veal Cacciatore
  • Shrimp Parmigiana
  • Chicken Piccata

Besides, Raimo’s of Freeport also features tons of tasty specialty pizzas, such as White Broccoli, Wild Mushroom Focaccia, Barbeque Chicken and Baked Ziti.

Freeport Restaurants

Mi Casa Dominican Restaurant

With the large presence of Dominicans in Freeport, it’s only natural that a Dominican restaurant would open sooner or later. And we’re glad that it did! Whether you crave authentic Mofongo or mouth-watering sandwiches, Mi Casa Dominican Restaurant has savory dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Not to mention, Mi Casa also features a full-service bar with classic Dominican cocktails like signature mojitos, fruit sangria, frozen margaritas and more. You can enjoy these specialty drinks while chowing down on some delicious Caribbean grub, such as:

  • Pernil
  • Pechuga a la Parilla (Grilled chicken with onions)
  • Cola de Langosta (Lobster tails)
  • Rabo Guisado (Oxtail stew)

Besides, who wouldn’t want to dine in a Freeport restaurant with gorgeous décor reflective of Dominican beaches and sunsets?

Freeport Restaurants


For authentic Asian cuisine in the heart of Freeport, pay a visit to the popular Azuma and try the best sushi in town. It doesn’t matter whether you sit at their sophisticated sake bar or in their minimalist dining room, you’ll be in for a treat of a meal.

However, when you do actually make your way to Azuma, you can’t go home without tasting one of the following dishes:

  • Crispy Wontons with Thai Orange Chili
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Shredded Pork Shanghai Style
  • Grilled Ginger Prawns

That doesn’t even include Azuma’s seemingly endless number of delicious specialty rolls and sushi sashimi entrees!

Freeport Restaurants

The South Shore of Long Island is full of delicious eateries. However, few are better than these four Freeport restaurants.

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