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Delicious Super Bowl Party Ideas that are Sure to Score

Posted by Nick on Feb 2, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Super Bowl party ideas

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner. Will Peyton Manning lead the Denver Broncos to victory in what will most likely be the last game of his career? Or will Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers bring home the Lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history? Who knows! One thing is for certain, though: football fans all over the country will get together to celebrate the game’s golden anniversary. You’ll need food and drinks to make your football bash complete, so All Island is here with a list of Super Bowl party ideas that will make game time delicious.

Super Bowl Party Ideas that will Tackle your Appetite

No Super Bowl party is complete without an outrageous amount of food. Sure, you can have your party catered with buffalo wings and 6-foot heroes. But, if you want to add a home-cooked touch to the food you’re passing around, try out one (or all) of these Super Bowl recipes.


Chips and dip are a necessity for every football party. Things like salsa, guacamole and spinach dip are far too common—and with good reason. They’re delicious. But, why not try something different? No-cook BLT dip is the perfect snack for anyone in search of out-of-the-box Super Bowl party ideas.

Korean Buffalo Wings

Every year, different teams end up in the championship, but one player makes it every year: the chicken wing. But, you already thought of serving classic buffalo wings. You’re reading this blog because you wanted to find fresh, new Super Bowl Party ideas. The Korean buffalo wing is an ideal snack for game time.

Super Bowl party ideas

Bacon Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs make great party snacks. They’re delicious finger foods that are remarkably similar in shape to footballs. Add bacon, and you’ve got yourself a hard-hitting hors d’oeuvre that is sure to be a fan favorite. Here’s the recipe.

Chipotle Cheesesteaks

Fortunately for Giants fans, the Philadelphia Eagles won’t be playing in Super Bowl 50. While Giants fans have a right to hate Philadelphia’s football team, their food is a different story. These chipotle cheesesteaks combine the flavors of Philly with the Southwest for a delectable result.

Move Over, Athletes—Fans get Thirsty, Too

This list of Super Bowl party ideas wouldn’t be complete without refreshing beverages. You’ll find soda and beer at just about every celebration, so we’ve got some new ideas for you.

Homemade Soda

Forget about the cans and two liter bottles. One of our favorite paty drinks is homemade soda. There are so many flavors available, and it’s super easy to do. 


Of course, beer is the standard alcoholic football beverage. However, for a fresh spin on traditional suds, try out this recipe for a refreshing, beery margarita. Just be responsible with alcohol consumption!

Super Bowl party ideas

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Since it’s in February, Super Bowl Sunday will probably be a bit chilly. Though it’s not a traditional drink among football fans, salted caramel hot chocolate is a delicious way to warm up.

Winter Sangria

Not everyone at the party will be a beer drinker, and that’s okay. The Super Bowl falls smack in the middle of winter. What’s a great winter beverage? Sangria. Check out this recipe.

Hopefully, the game will be as exciting as the snacks and drinks at your Super Bowl party!

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