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The Most Cost Effective Advertising Strategy You Completely Forgot

Posted by Trent Warner on Apr 3, 2014 12:57:00 PM

Advertising Strategy

In a world that spends countless hours attached to technology, it’s easy to look to the internet when you’re thinking about the best advertising strategy for your company. Banner ads, sponsored Facebook stories, sponsored tweets—these are all valuable ways to share your message with a broad audience. But when it comes to the lowest cost per thousand views (CPM), you may be surprised to learn that the most cost effective advertising strategy is Taxi Top Advertising!

The average daily commute for Americans is 25.5 minutes one-way according to the US Census Bureau, and at the beginning of this year, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that 128.3 million Americans are commuting to work. Furthermore, 10.8 million of those commuters are traveling an hour each way, and 600,000 are traveling ninety minutes one-way! One thing is for certain: that is a lot of time spent on the road. What happens when you’re out on the road? You take in everything around you. With 5.15 million Long Islanders out and about every day, that is a whole ton of eyes that could be seeing your advertisements passing them by.

So we know there are a lot of people on Long Island, but who’s seeing taxi ads? The better question is “who isn’t seeing taxi ads?” For starters, taxi advertisements are at eye-level for most adults, so when there’s a taxi nearby, it’s almost impossible not to see the advertisement on the rooftop. Taxis are visible to virtually everyone—pedestrians see them as they walk through the streets, drivers and passengers see them on the road and at traffic lights, and rail commuters see them at the stations. Taxis go where people go; if there’s a place where people are working, living, shopping, or playing, you’re bound to find a taxi there.

Renting a billboard could cost you a whopping $30,000 for one month, and that billboard is going to stay right where it is, visible to the same crowd, day in and day out. The beauty of taxi rooftop advertising is that your ad is constantly in motion, and is always being shown to new audiences. A single taxi cab travels an average of 2,000 miles every week, and is in service anywhere from 18-24 hours each day. Our illuminated taxi top signs allow your ad to be seen no matter what time of day our cabs drive by. Taxis are what is commonly called a ‘demand-led medium,’ which means that they follow the crowd wherever it goes. Your glowing ad on top of an All Island Taxi or its affiliates driving down a street full of packed nightlife spots at 2am will certainly be seen more than that billboard hanging above a desolate overpass.

Are you ready for your business’ reach to expand exponentially? Call All Island Transportation today at 516-326-9090 ext. 303 to learn more about how to ad taxi rooftops to your advertising strategy!

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