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Back to School Tips & Tricks for Parents

Posted by Collin McGorty on Sep 21, 2016 11:24:25 AM

back to school tips

Getting kids back into the school year groove is a daunting task for some parents, especially when you still need to shake off that summer routine. All you need to do is have a plan and start early. Waiting until the last second is just going to delay the inevitable. If you need some ideas to make sure your kids are prepared for the upcoming academic year, these back to school tips should do the trick.

Useful Back to School Tips for Parents

Managing a Busy Agenda

Avoid any last-minute confusion and anxiety by organizing every family member’s daily activities into a monthly or weekly calendar. Try to go over the calendar regularly with your kids so they understand how it works and always know what they have ahead.

Once they’ve mastered schedules, show them how they can make their own to-do list for prioritizing and managing their work load. Once they get in the habit, you’ll have the added benefit of instilling a good work ethic in them at a young age.

It’s always good to set some parameters bedtime, homework, morning routines and how much screen time they’re allowed on a given day. Get ahead of any opposition by setting house rules for anything that might become a problem.

back to school tips

Homework Done the Easy Way

No one “likes” homework. In order to avoid all those future headaches for yourself and your child, utilize websites like iHomework or MyHomework to keep tabs on all of their assignments.

There are also websites out there that can answer all the homework questions that you can’t. If your child is struggling in school or in a certain subject, perhaps consider getting them a personalized tutor or sending to them to an enrichment program. It will supplement their curriculum and get them back on track academically.

Getting in the Habit

For stress-free mornings, try to have outfits picked, lunches packed, and all homework done the night before. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by leaving any preparation until the last minute.

Set up designated zones in your house for your children to put their backpacks, school supplies, lunchboxes, and even an area for homework to be done. It’s important to stay organized and establish a flow that works for everyone.

back to school tips

Staying Safe

A list of back to school tips would be incomplete without some safety advice, starting with backpacks.

Have you ever picked up your child’s backpack and felt like you were lifting weights? Just imagine how your child feels lugging it back and forth from home to school each day.

Avoid any aches or discomfort for your child by investing in an ergonomically designed, padded backpack with belts to distribute weight and enough compartments to store all of their belongings. If back pain is a recurring issue, think about using a backpack with wheels.

If your child is like most kids, they take the bus. Always make sure your child knows to wear a seatbelt, knows where all the emergency exits are, and is familiar with the procedure for getting on and off at school and their stop.

Accidents do happen at both locations; but luckily, they are completely preventable by teaching your child how to practice safe bus etiquette.

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