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7 Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips You Need to Know

Posted by Trent Warner on Oct 28, 2014, 8:29:00 AM

Trick or treating safety

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year for most youngsters—a night of tricks and treats (usually too many treats), costumes and decorations, and the opportunity to stay up a wee bit past bedtime (if they’re lucky). But while Halloween has the potential to be a super fun night for everybody involved, it can also become a nightmare if you’re not careful. Here are some trick-or-treating safety tips to share with your kids before you embark on your night of spooky fun.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Planning Your Route

Your trick-or-treating adventure can quickly wind up taking you far away from home if you don’t stick to a pre-planned route. Especially in neighborhoods with inconsistent terrain (such as blocks that suddenly don’t have sidewalks, construction zones, etc.), it’s important to have a plan before you head out, because you don’t want to end up somewhere unfamiliar or hazardous. Stick to neighborhoods that you know well, preferably well-lit streets with well-paved walkways. Also, think about how long you plan to be out, and your proximity to a bathroom during your outing. If you have small children in your party, knowing where nearby bathrooms are is key.

Costume Considerations

There are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing a costume for your child. First and foremost (and probably often overlooked) is whether or not the costume is potty-break-friendly. Avoid accidents with your little ghouls and goblins by choosing a costume that’s easy to remove in such a scenario. Costumes that drag on the ground are a recipe for disaster when you’re trick-or-treating. Whether they get caught on a bush, stepped on by another trick-or-treater, or wind up soaking wet after being dragged through a puddle, there are dozens of ways that a dragging costume can go horribly wrong. Make sure your child’s costume fits well before leaving the house.

Choose the Right Shoes

While your little princess looks precious in her sparkly heels as she poses for pictures in her costume in your front yard, it’s pretty much guaranteed that once you’re a couple blocks from home, she’ll be sitting on the sidewalk crying that her feet hurt. Sneakers are the best footwear for trick-or-treating, because they provide the best traction for walking around in the dark. Open-toed shoes are an invitation for stubbed toes, and uncomfortable shoes will inevitably end in children begging for piggy back rides.

Stay Safe by Staying Visible

Carry a flashlight to make your party easily visible to cars that are driving by. A flashlight is also helpful to see what’s ahead of you when it’s particularly dark. Always make sure you walk on the sidewalk (when available) and walk facing traffic; never run across lawns or driveways, because there could be tons of things you might trip on that you can’t see easily. Only trick-or-treat at houses that are lit up—if a house doesn’t want to be visited by trick-or-treaters, they turn their lights out. You can also use reflective tape, glowsticks, or light-up shoes to make your children easy-to-see in the dark.

Skip the Mask

Masks often become more hassle than they’re worth when you’re trick-or-treating. They make it hard to see or breathe, and usually wind up thrown in the child’s candy bag. Try compromising with non-toxic face paint instead. When using face paint, make sure you test a small area first to avoid skin rashes and irritation.

Check All Candy

Never let your children eat anything that’s been homemade by someone you don’t know. Go through your child’s goodies and discard anything that hasn’t been factory-wrapped.

Stranger Danger

Homemade or unwrapped treats aren’t the only things you shouldn’t accept from strangers. Stress the importance of never accepting rides from strangers to your children. Additionally, never enter a stranger’s home unless you’re with an adult who you trust. Children should always trick-or-treat in groups with trusted adults.

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